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 On August 28, 1941 George H. and Elma E. Adams purchased the home and property on Peachburg Road, Chunnenugge Ridge, from Mrs. Alice M. Frazer. The property contained some 2000 pecan trees that were planted 25-30 years prior. George and Elma Adams had four children, Joe, Tom, John and Elaine; all of whom still reside within 5 miles of the homeplace. As a young boy, my father, John, dreamed of one day becoming a successful pecan farmer. When he was just a young lad he was interested in the pecan business and asked his mother to write a letter of inquiry about a rare pecan cracker. He knew that cracked pecans would be easy to market. 

John and his 2 brothers and sister remember approximately 100 laborers who picked up pecans by hand out of the pecan orchards and poured them into "croaker sacks" or burlap bags. After school the boys would load the bags on wagons or flatbed trucks with scales mounted on the back to weigh the bags. The wages for picking up pecans was 2 cents per pound. 

After the death of my grandfather in 1978, my father acquired most of the pecan orchards. He worked diligently to produce the finest quality of pecans by bushhogging, spraying, fertilizing, pruning and a lot of praying. 

In the fall of 1991 my father purchased a pecan accumulator business in Union Springs, Alabama, formerly owned by H. T. Renfroe. He and his children (including in-laws) are operating a successful pecan business at present. This business purchased over 3,000,000 pounds of pecans over the past 2 years. By no means is this work easy but invaluable friendships have developed over the years and it is a joy to serve the public.